Lee Said D.C. Cried Like A Bitch, Then Cried Himself — D.C.’s Response Is Priceless

Back at UFC 214, UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier finally faced off against heated rival Jon “Bones” Jones. After months of anticipation and frustration between the fighters, the UFC superstars finally got their chance. Jones would go on to knockout Cormier for the title. Grant it, Jon Jones would later be stripped of the title due to a failed drug test and the knockout win would be overturned. Still, the loss was a tough moment on Daniel Cormier. Directly after the loss, Cormier could be seen crying in his post-fight interview.

Well, UFC lightweight contender Kevin Lee would go on to criticize Cormier for his tears. On The MMA Hour, Lee said:

“He ruined the man’s life. Not only that, he embarrassed him in front of national T.V. He had D.C. up there crying like a b**ch.”

Well, Kevin Lee fought for the UFC lightweight interim title on Saturday night, suffering a submission loss to Tony Ferguson. After the fight, Lee cried. Daniel Cormier, who was commentating cage side for the event, had the following to say during the live broadcast:

“Honestly if it means that much to you, you can do that (cry). You can do that, if it means that much. There is no shame in that, if it meant that much to Kevin Lee.”