Tyron Woodley Names The One Opponent Ronda Rousey Would Return To The UFC For

Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has yet to officially retire from the sport of mixed martial arts. Still, many fans are finding it less and less likely that they will see Rousey in the octagon again. After her knockout defeat to Amanda Nunes, UFC President Dana White revealed his doubts that Rousey would ever return. That being said, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has come forward to reveal what he thinks it would take to bring the UFC superstar back into the fold.

On his new TMZ Sports Show “The Hollywood Beatdown,” Woodley explained that he believes there is only one fighter that would fit for a Ronda Rousey octagon return.

“Gina Carano, maybe. I think that’s the only other person with a big enough name to make her come back and fight. It’s not a fighter like Amanda Nunes that has been wrecking everybody or some of these up-and-coming fighters. She is such a big household name, she has to fight somebody that is going to match her stature.”

Gina Carano, now retired, is a mixed martial arts legend and female MMA pioneer that competed in both Strikeforce and EliteXC. That being said, rumors have been swirling that Ronda Rousey is more likely to find a position within the WWE as of late. The former UFC champion has already been featured in a storyline from the famous pro-wrestling promotion.

Speaking on Rousey’s potential to join the WWE or the UFC, Tyron Woodley added:

“She can’t do both, she should not do both. I never want to retire somebody, but I think she’s done enough in the sport of mixed martial arts, and if she wanted to walk away, this might not be a bad time to pull up to a different avenue to open a new chapter in your life.”