UFC 216: Matt Schnell and Marco Beltran

In the night’s third fight, the UFC steps away from their UFC Fight Pass streaming service and heads to FX for the televised preliminary card portion of tonight’s UFC 216 event.

UFC flyweights Matt Schnell and Marco Beltran open up tonight’s televised card.

In the opening round even the ringside commentators were calling for a bathroom break. In short, it was boring. Both fighters refusing to commit to engaging, Schnell with the obvious speed advantage and Beltran with the kicking advantage.

The round ended after the bout took place in a posturing phase on the feet.

In round two it was much of the same though, Beltran started to open up a bit more with those kicks about midway through. Oddly, Beltran hardly throwing any punches, just the kicks from range. When Shnell gets close enough he uncorks combos with his hands that land, but these are just passing moments in the drowning time of the five minute round. In the round’s last 30 second neither fighter landed a single strike.

Round 3 and a lot of faints, but not much contact in the first minute. Another minute in and Beltran lands one left hook, it’s the first shot landed for either fighter in the round. Schnell follows that up with a kick to the balls which halts the action, it’s Schnell’s first landed shot of the round. Midway through and the two start to open up with some brief exchanges. With 10 seconds left Beltran shoots for a double-leg and lands into a guillotine. The bell sounds and the fight is over.

If you made it through this recap I applaud you.

UFC 216 Result: Matt Schnell def.Marco Beltran via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-26, 30-27)