Chuck Liddell Willing To Save UFC 219 In Headliner Role Against Nate Diaz

In a new interview with MMA Tonight, UFC legend Chuck Liddell revealed that he’s willing to fight again, if the money is right. He’s even willing to fight at next month’s UFC 219 event, and save the headliner absent show.

In the interview, “The Iceman” went as far as to say that if the money’s right, he’d fight either Nate Diaz or Tyron Woodley in the night’s headliner. “For $15 million I’ll get in there and fight them both,” stated the UFC hall-of-famer.

Here’s some more remarks about his thoughts on a potential comeback fight:

“I’ve thought about it but everyone’s gonna have to keep wondering. I’m not sure yet, so we’ll see. . .I’m healthy. It would probably take more than [a month] to set it up, but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see. I mean, it depends on what gets offered. If someone offers me something crazy, I could fight tomorrow, but it just depends.

And what about Chael Sonnen’s constant call outs?

“That’s not true.” Chuck Liddell stated. “I’ve never been offered a fight and I definitely never been offered to fight him. He doesn’t worry about the truth too much with his trash-talking. He’s not afraid to be liberal with his facts.”

Gotta love Chuck! Who’s in?