Cyborg Camp Accuses Holm Of Intentionally Sabotaging Their UFC 219 Negotiations Out Of Fear

The much anticipated UFC featherweight title fight between 145lb champion Cris Cyborg and former bantamweight champion Holly Holm looks to be dead in the water now.

Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg were targeted to meet December 30th at UFC 219 but negotiations have fallen through.

“Holly was anxiously awaiting the Dec. 30 fight with Cyborg and had been training for it.” Holly Holms manager said “But we could not come to financial terms for this featherweight title bout in December. We look forward to meeting her under the right circumstances.”

With almost no females in the entire sport competing in her weight class, the UFC has to bend over backwards to find opponents for Cyborg, and it now it appears that her camp is saying Holly is just trying to avoid fighting her.

“The big fights are the ones you want as a fighter,” Cyborg’s manger told MMAjunkie. “Those lead to the most money. I can’t speak for her camp. All I can say is that Cris has agreed to the fight.”

Cyborg’s manager George Prajin says that Holm just made her asking price so astronomical that she’s purposely priced herself out of the fight.

“I would assume Holly doesn’t want to fight Cris,” Prajin said. “Holly is pricing herself out of the fight because she doesn’t want to fight her.” He continued, “There aren’t many girls willing to fight her in the first place,” Prajin said. “So whoever’s willing to take that courageous step, hey, we welcome it.”