Eye Witness: Walt Harris Tried To Start A Brawl With UFC 217 Opponent Backstage

Walt Harris is now suffering a bit of a losing streak. The fighter was initially set to fight Mark Godbeer at UFC 216 in a preliminary match. After Fabricio Werdum’s main card opponent for the event was forced to pull out, Walt Harris was called up to the main card and Mark Godbeer was removed from the night’s event.

Harris would go on to suffer a rough first round defeat to Werdum, but booked another fight with Mark Godbeer for Saturday’s UFC 217.

The two fighters finally met toe-to-toe inside the octagon, but the fight was cut short. After Harris landed a low blow on his opponent, the referee stepped between the fighters to halt the match. However, Harris continued with the fight and head kicked his opponent. The fighter suffered a loss by disqualification for the incident.

Speaking to MMA UNO, Godbeer’s manager Gokhan Yildizli explained that the two fighter nearly came to blows backstage after the disqualification of Walt Harris.

“Everyone saw it was an illegal kick. We all watched it many times and really it was the right call. As soon he (Walt) did it, he knew he was in trouble and wrong for doing it. He was saying sorry and all that, but as soon he got backstage he was starting to be disrespectful and calling Mark a ‘B*tch’ and a ‘Quitter’ and ‘What the hell motherf*cker, you motherf*cker.’

“There was almost a brawl backstage, but not with Mark Godbeer, Mark was still not good in his head. He was like knocked out.”