‘Hey Nate Diaz, Why You Scared Homie?’

In case you missed it, the UFC is interested in putting on a compelling fight between UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, and UFC lightweight mega-star Nate Diaz.

Diaz has reportedly declined the UFC’s offer. However, Woodley is in endless pursuit of a fight that can get him a bigger fan base, and he believes beating Nate Diaz will help him get there.

As such, in taking to his duties as a FOX analyst, Woodley took to the FOX desk to blast Nate Diaz some more.

Check it:

“I’m here,. All I need is the paperwork sent — UFC 219, Dec. 30 needs a headliner. It’s been offered to me, it’s been offered to Nate Diaz. Unfortunately, one half has not accepted. So you guys, people listening and watching, you guys need to get the Twitter fingers and ask your man that said ‘Don’t be scared,’ why is he scared?”

“Our sport is out of the blue at this point. So, there’s no real rules.”

“I’m a huge fan of the Diaz boys. I’m a huge fan of what they’ve done for our sport. I feel like it’s not about the rankings anymore. Sometimes the rankings are a little shaky. When you think about who’s put in the most work, the most time, is he not deserving of the world title based upon what he did? Fighting Conor McGregor; even before, just fighting in these wars.”