Jon Jones Issues An 8 Tweet Response To Colby Covington … And Colby’s Mom

Former two-time UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones reacted last night to the Covington – Werdum scuffle in support of Fabricio.

Taking to Twitter Jon Jones originally stated, “I despise racism , good job today @FabricioWerdum dude had the audacity to call you a “faggot” as he’s backing up on Facebook live.”

Then, earlier today Covington himself issued a reply to Jon Jones, stating, “Wow, a criminal condoning assault with a deadly weapon. Go figure. #FilthyAnimals”

To give a little background information on this situation, Covington and Jones are former college roommates, making their feud even more personal. This might explain why Jones decided to bring Colby’s mother into their Twitter battle.

Check it out: