“Platinum” Mike Perry: ‘If Werdum Hit Me With A Boomerang I Would Have…

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum made headlines when he recently crossed paths with UFC welterweight Colby Covington on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Covington called Brazil a “dump” and Brazilians “filthy animals” at UFC Sao Paulo and Werdum was not happy about the statement.

Spotting Covington on the street, Werdum struck the fighter with a boomerang. Covington is now pressing charges for assault against Werdum.

Speaking on the matter, as provided by MMA News, UFC knockout artist Mike Perry decided to offer his point of view on the situation.

“Other than it being so funny, I thought Colby was such a little punk ass b**ch.”  said UFC star Mike Perry. “I don’t care who you are, I don’t care if we’re here because of UFC, [Werdum] was outright attacking him. [If that happened to me] I’m jumping off of Fabricio Werdum. I’m jumping at his neck. I’m going to try something. You ain’t going to attack me. I don’t care how big you are. I don’t care who you are… and Colby Covington is supposed to be one of the most skilled athletes in the world.”

Continuing his thoughts, Perry added:

“He showed that he’s a little punk ass b**ch, he truly is on the inside, because like I said, once again, it don’t matter who you are, you cannot treat me like that. F**k that. I’d shove that boomerang right up your ass. But I like Fabricio Werdum.”