UFC Results: Sydney Prelims Capped Off With A Big Benoit Headkick K.O.

Fight fans are flocking to Sydney, Australia tonight for The Ultimate Fighting Championship‘s exciting fight card UFC Fight Night 121. The card is set to feature a series of big fights. In the premier preliminary match of the night, flyweights Ryan Benoit and Ashkan Mokhtarian are going toe-to-toe for the highly excited Sydney crowd.

The opening round kicked off with Mokhtarian putting on the pressure with a strong series of strikes. The fighter then rushed Benoit to the fence, but was unable to get the fighter to the mat.

Returning to the center of the octagon, Mokhtarian took a strong body kick from his opponent. But, the fighter retlaiated with a jab.

The pace began to slow, as Mokhtarian continued to circle his opponent. Benoit managed to land some good leg kicks on the fighter, but things remained at a methodical pace.

With one minute left in the round, Benoit began to get more aggressive. However, the fighter was unable to score much significant damage before the end of the round.

The opening moments of the second round picked up the pace, as Benoit began to pressure Mokhtarian. Benoit landed a stunning strike on his opponent, but was unable to capitalize on the moment.

Benoit then took a powerful right hand from Mokhtarian, but retaliated with a strike of his own. Benoit then landed a powerful body kick to his opponent, but Mokhtarian did not back down from the exchange.

Mokhtarian began to walk down his opponent, pressuring Benoit into the fence. Benoit managed to make his way back to the center of the octagon and stuck Mokhtarian with another right hand.

Benoit ended the final moments of the round with a swift takedown.

The third round kicked off with Mokhtarian taking it to Benoit. However, Benoit began to control the pace with his powerful leg kicks. The fighter then took a spinning back fist from Mokhtarian, but appeared to shake off the strike.

Benoit then shut his opponent down with a stunning head kick that brought the fight to an abrupt end.

UFC Results: Ryan Benoit def. Ashkan Mokhtarian via knockout in round 3