Brendan Schaub Has A Rough Day, Vomits During Joe Rogan’s Holiday Podcast

Former UFC heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub is a regular on the popular “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast and was in studio for his MMA podcast over the holidays. Schaub was discussing the upcoming UFC 219 event with his good friend Bryan Callen, and all of the current topics in mixed martial arts when Rogan noticed that he didn’t look too well.

When questioned about why he was sick, Brendan Schaub explained that he drank a lot of caffeine and hadn’t eaten a thing.

“A little green under the gills. I had a latte with an extra shot on the way here. Then I had three cups this morning, but then I drank this thing (holds up a ‘Caveman coffee’ can), and then I drank the French press. But then I haven’t eaten today because I fast in the mornings.”

A few minutes later Schaub couldn’t hold it in any longer and just puked into a trash can live on the air.

“Oh look at that, it just went in! That was throw up ladies and gentleman,” said Joe Rogan. “That’s what we were trying to avoid, that sound. It’s just fluid. Look at that, he’s throwing up again. I don’t know who’s cleaning that thing…”

“Just watching a bunch of puke coming out of Brendan Schuab’s mouth. Super sorry about this. It’s a good way to end”

Check out the podcast below, timestamped for your convenience.

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