Esparza And Calvillo Go To Absolute War, In Fight Of The Night Contender | UFC Results

A stunning night of fights is going down inside the octagon tonight, Dec. 30, in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s latest fight card as the mixed martial arts promotion is hosting UFC 219 inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. The exciting event is deep into the night’s main card at the moment, as Team Alpha Male’s Cynthia Calvillo is now facing off against Carla Esparza for division supremacy. Here is a look at the UFC results for the highly anticipated match up.

Calvillo fired off a combination to kick off the first round. Esparza retaliated with a strong jab, but the strike did not appear to do much damage to the Team Alpha Male warrior.

Calvillo quickly took her opponent down, gaining half guard on the canvas. From there, Esparza struggled to lock in hand control over her opponent before suffering some brutal ground and pound. The fighter then made an armbar attempt over Calvillo, but failed to sink in the submission.

With only a minute left in the round, Calvillo continued to pummel her opponent. This time, the fighter took side control to dish out her ground and pound. Calvillo then made her way to mount position, by Esarza was able to reverse the position and make her way to her feet before the sound of the bell. The crowd stood up with a roar in response to the first round’s entertaining battle.

The second round opened up at an equally swift pace, with Calvillo pushing the fight as she walked down her opponent with a series of jabs. Still, Esparza made sure to retaliate with some tough counters during the exchange.

With 2 and a half minutes gone from the round, Esparza made a takedown attempt on Calvillo. But, the fighter was unable to get the competitor to the canvas. Rather, Calvillo retaliated by picking up the pace with a furious punch combination.

Eparza later managed a successful takedown attempt on her opponent, but Calvillo quickly made her way back to her feet before being dealt any damage from the ground.

The MMA warriors met in the center of the octagon for a tough exchange for the final moments of the second round, giving the Las Vegas crowd a thrilling show.

Both fighters were still fresh and fierce going into the third and final round of the entertaining octagon war. Calvillo and Esparza began brawling in the center of the octagon, before Calvillo decided to pressure her opponent into the fence and enter the clinch.

After dishing out a few elbows, Calvillo decided to bring the fight away from the fence. Esparza responded with a furious combination, but Calvillo continued to control the pace of the fight.

Halfway through the final round, the two fighters continued to exchange from the standing position. Then, Calvillo made a takedown attempt on her opponent but failed to bring Esparza to the mat. Rather, Esparza escaped the position and began bringing the fight to Calvillo.

With one minute left in the fight, Calvillo stuck Esparza with a jab. Esparza tried to take her opponent down, but Calvillo retaliated with a powerful combination. The two fighter finished the match with a flurry of strikes that had the crowd cheering on their feet.

UFC Results: Carla Esparza def. Cynthia Calvillo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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