Vintage Carlos Condit Entertains In PPV Opener, But It’s Not Enough, Loses To Neil Magney | UFC Results

The world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion is in Las Vegas, Nev. tonight, Dec. 30, for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s newest fight card. This time around, the promotion is hosting the highly anticipated event UFC 219 for the Las Vegas crowd. Kicking off the night’s main card, MMA veteran Carlos Condit will be making his return to the octagon in a match up against Neil Magny. Check out the UFC results from the match up below.

The fight kicked off at a swift pace, as Condit shot off a leg kick on Magny. However, Magny quickly snagged one of his opponent’s leg kicks and took the fighter to the canvas.

Condit made his way back to his feet, but found himself in the clinch against the fence with Magny shortly after.

With over two minutes having gone by in round one, Magny managed to draw a little blood from the nose of his opponent with one of his successful right hands. Magny continued to control the pace of the fight with his increased frequency of strikes, but Condit made sure to retaliate with strong counters of his own.

In the final minute of the opening round, Condit began to pick up the pace and dish out a flurry of combinations to Magny before pressuring the fighter into the fence. Back in the center of the octagon, the two fighters finished out the round with a bang.

The second round opened up at a similarly swift pace, as Condit began to press on with his leg kicks. However, Magny was able to turn the tables on his opponent and enter the clinch against the fence. From there, Magny began to dish out some damage with his pummeling strikes.

The fighter then slammed Condit onto the canvas and continued his onslaught of strikes. However, Condit quickly made it back to his feet before taking too much damage. The two MMA warriors then entered an exchange in the center of the octagon.

With less than a minute left in the round, Magny slammed his opponent onto the canvas once again. The fighter ended the round in dominant fashion over the formerly retired competitor.

Neither fighter appeared gassed in the opening moments of the final round. Magny offered Condit a furious combination after receiving a jab to the face from the fighter.

Magny once again entered the clinch with the MMA veteran, but Condit managed to escape the position and return to the center of the octagon. The fighters then plunged into a swift exchange, though neither competitor appeared terribly damaged from the strikes.

In the final moments of the fight, Magny managed to get yet another takedown on his opponent. However, Condit made his way back to his feet just before the sound of the fight ending bell.

UFC Results: Neil Magny def. Carlos Condit via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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