David Teymur Earns a Close Decision Over Drakkar Klose | UFC Results

Fight fans are flocking to the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan for UFC 218 tonight, Dec. 2. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is hosting a series of exciting match ups on the night’s card, including a highly anticipated title fight rematch. Now its time to check out the UFC results for the exciting night of fights.

Headlining the night’s fight card, UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway is taking on former title holder Jose Aldo for a rematch of the ages.

Facing off on the FS1 preliminary card, lightweights David Teymur and Drakkar Klose are going head-to-head for the Detroit crowd.

Klose kicked off the first round with a brutal leg kick, but Teymur retaliated with a strike of his own. Klose stopped fighting for a moment, as the fighter began taunting his opponent. The referee later halted the fight momentarily to warn Teymur that he needed to be more aggressive.

Teymur then came back with a vengeance, pressuring his opponent into the fence. Klose quickly made his way back to the center of the octagon, as the fight returned to a slower pace.

Klose then caught a leg kick from his opponent and took Teymur to the ground. Teymur immediately exploded back to his feet and retaliated with a punch combination before the round came to a close.

The second round opened at a swifter pace, with Teymur putting on the pressure to his opponent. Klose then exploded with a powerful combination that turned the match into a brawl for but a moment. Teymur quickly slipped out of Klose’s fire and returned to the center of the octagon.

Klose began taunting his opponent once again, as Teymur walked forward in his opponent. Teymur attempted to take down his opponent, but Klose shook off the double leg takedown.

Klose then clipped his opponent with a left hand and attempted to initiate the clinch, but Teymur fended off the attempt. Teymur then sunk in a solid takedown, ending in Klose’s full guard.

The fighter managed to pummel his opponent with some ground and pound before the ring of the round ending bell.

Klose kicked off the final round with a vengeance, quickly entering a brawl with Teymur. Klose stuck his opponent with a tough punch combination, but Teymur countered with a stunning head kick.

The fight was then abruptly stopped, as Teymur accidentally poked his opponent in the eye. The official doctor checked out Klose and determined the fighter was fit to compete.

With the fight back in action, Teymur stuck Klose with a leg kick. But, Klose began to pour on the pressure. Klose managed to catch a leg kick from Teymur, but was unable to get the takedown.

Teymur began to increase the frequency of his strikes, but Klose was not backing down. With two minutes left in the fight, Teymur tried to land a series of head kicks on his opponent but failed to get a clean hit.

Klose retaliated with a takedown attempt, bringing Teymur to the canvas. Still, the fighter was unable to capitalize on the moment as Teymur made his way back to his feet. The two MMA warriors went the distance.

UFC Results: David Teymur def. Drakkar Klose via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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