Medeiros Beats Down “Cowboy” In Insane Fight Of The Year Candidate, Back And Forth Brawl Until One Falls | UFC Results

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in Detroit, Michigan for UFC 218. This time around, the mixed martial arts promotion is offering a collection of exciting match ups inside the Little Caesars Arena.

The main event match up is set to see UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway go toe-to-toe with former champion Jose Aldo for division dominance in a highly anticipated title fight rematch.

Welterweights Alex Oliveira and Yancy Medeiros are throwing down on the night’s FS1 preliminary card.

The first round opponent up with Oliveira being extremely aggressive to his opponent. Medeiros entered a brutal exchange with the fighter, dropping Oliveira with a devastating strike. Oliveira quickly made his way back to his feet, but Medeiros initiated the clinch and pressed the fighter against the fence.

Oliveria survived the onslaught and returned with a devastating punch of his own, dropping Medeiros to the canvas. Medeiros shot to his feet with swiftness, but was met with another series of strikes from his opponent.

Medeiros slipped away from the exchange and returned to the center of the octagon. Still, Oliveira kept pouring on the pressure and caught his opponent with another damaging punch that left Medeiros bloodied and against the fence.

With a minute left in the round, the two fighters returned to the center of the octagon. The moment did not last long, as Oliveira rushed Medeiros back against the fence. Medeiros managed to get out of the position, but suffered another series of damaging strikes from “Cowboy.”

Both fighters managed to survive the highly intense first round, leaving the Detroit crowd on their feet.

Chaos ensued once again in the second round, as Medeiros opened things up by pouring on the pressure over “Cowboy.” Both fighters appeared to be somewhat gassed from their intense first round, but neither competitor backed down from their brawl.

Medeiros stuck Oliveira with a tough body shot, then clipped him with a stunning punch to the head. Medeiros appeared to be the fresher fighter in the second round.

Oliveira began walking down his opponent, but Medeiros retaliated with heavy jabs and strong right hooks. Still, “Cowboy” was not backing down.

Medeiros then pressured his opponent into the fence with another powerful combination, but Oliveria managed to slip away from the position and return to the center of the octagon.

With one minute left in the round, the two fighters continued to brawl. Medeiros tripped his opponent to the canvas and and found himself in the full mount. The fighter then crashed down devastating elbow strikes on “Cowboy,” before the fighters ended the round on their feet in a brawl.

The two fighters showed each other respect in the opening moments of the final round with a quick embrace before returning to the action. Oliveira returned in the final round with a vengeance. The fighter appeared to have gotten a second wind, as “Cowboy” quickly dropped Medeiros and took the fighter’s back.

Medeiros reversed the position and was then pulled into Oliveria’s full guard. “Cowboy” made his way back to his feet, but Medeiros quickly poured on the pressure and managed to drop the fighter once more. The referee called a stop to the contest.

UFC Results: Yancy Medeiros def. Alex Oliveira via TKO in round three

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