Jon Jones Reacts To Finally Receiving Acknowledgement From Jon Jones, And He’s The Happiest Man On Twitter

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has scored a bevy of dedicated fight fans throughout his career. However, the fighter has also cultivated a collection of haters after failing multiple drug tests and having his UFC title stripped on multiple occasion. As a result, fans have been taking to social media to share their heated thoughts on the fighter. However, all of those messages have not been going to the former UFC champion.

Jon Jones, @jonjones on Twitter, is a budding video game developer with a social media an following of his own. However, since the man was able to snag the Jon Jones handle before the former UFC champion, Jones has been unexpectedly bombarded with hate messages concerning the UFC’s Jon Jones for years. After having blocked and ignored the video game developer, “Bones” Jones recently decided to acknowledge the individual over the social media platform. Now the video game developer has decided to respond.

Taking to Twitter, Jones stated:

“Since @JonnyBones unblocked me and tagged me in that hilarious tweet, I’m seeing all of the replies from MMA randos he’s getting. This is the first time in five years that I’ve actually see Bones tweets that go to the right goddamn guy!!!!”

The UFC’s Jon Jones can be found @JonnyBones on Twitter.

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