McGregor Forced To Make Up For Rita Ora Scandal With A $200k Dee Devlin Louis Vuitton Shopping Spree

Conor McGregor is paid these days, so when he messes up, the misses, Dee Devlin can easily hit him where it hurts. And it appears as if that’s exactly what she’s done. Conor McGregor was spotted in New York with Dee Devlin on a massive shopping spree following the Rita Ora scandal.

Recently Conor made headlines for a “Date Night” with singer and model Rita Ora. As a result, the duo went viral for days, and now TMZ reveals that Dee Devlin got a shopping spree at the world’s most expensive store for her troubles.

There’s very few items in Louis Vuitton that are under $1000 dollars, most of the items in LV exceed the $2000 mark. In fact there’s many items that exceed the $10k price point. With Conor McGregor needing multiple men, and a luggage cart to haul away Dee’s new gear, this shopping spree is estimated to have exceed $200k.

Check it out:

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