Bellator Just Signed Royce Gracie’s Son For Pro MMA Debut

The original Ultimate Fighter, living mixed martial arts legend Royce Gracie, has a son who just signed with Bellator MMA for his professional debut.

Khonry Gracie is Royce’s son, and he has some pretty big shoes to fill in the MMA world. His father of course is the first ever UFC champion, and he did it when there were virtually no rules, no gloves, and no weight classes. A true warrior and the person responsible for revolutionizing the entire martial arts world.

Brazil’s Combate has it:

Khonry Gracie will make his professional debut in MMA at Bellator 192, scheduled for January 20 at the Inglewood Forum in Los Angeles, California. The fight against Devon Brock will be by the middleweight and will happen in the same card in which the Brazilian Douglas Lima will defend the belt of the division against Rory MacDonald.

Both Khonry and the opponent have only one amateur fight on the cartel, but Royce Gracie’s son feels prepared to continue his family’s legacy in the sport.

“My dad created the UFC in America when he came here, so I’m just trying to keep up with my family’s legacy. As for my opponent, I know what I need to know, I did my research. I’ll be ready – assured in a telephone interview to

In the chat, Khonry spoke about his career in jiu-jitsu (he just received the brown belt) and analyzed the burden of carrying the family surname on his shoulders from the start on the mat. He also said that his goal in MMA is to reach the top of the middleweight division, winning the belt of the category, no matter how long it takes.

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