Eddie Alvarez Pays Respect To His Always Screaming Wife, Following UFC 218 Gaethje K.O.

If there’s one thing fight fans know about Eddie Alvarez fights, it’s that his wife is always on the sidelines screaming so loud you can hear her through your T.V. Now, in a new statement following his recent win over Justin Gaethje, Eddie pays his wife the ultimate respect.

They say you can tell a lot about a man, based on his woman, and if Eddie’s wife tells us anything, it’s that she truly is a “Ride or die” for her man.

And that sentiment is shared by the former UFC champion, who just endured the fight of his life in a solid knockout win over the previously unbeaten Justin Gaethje.

Taking to his verified Instagram account, Eddie paid his respects to his wife, for always being by his side.

Check it out:

“They just don’t make them like this no more …. Our favorite part of every fight is when it’s Over , She screams and yells cause she’s a true rider .”

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