Oleksiejczuk Puts on Dominant Performance Over Rountree | UFC Results

Fight fans are gathering in the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nev. on Saturday night, Dec. 30, for UFC 219. The world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion is hosting the exciting night of fights with a fight card filled with entertaining match ups. Fight fans are now sitting down for the featured preliminary match of the night, as Khalil Rountree and Michael Oleksiejczuk are facing off for the Las Vegas crowd.

Oleksiejczuk opened up the fight with a left hand, but Rountree retaliated with a flurry of punches that put Rountree on his back foot.

Rountree later found himself on the canvas, but quickly made his way back to his feet. From there, the fighter once again began to throw bombs on Oleksiejczuk.

Halfway through the round, Rountree appeared gassed from the exchange as the fighter’s punches began to carry less power throughout the round.

Oleksiejczuk began to walk down his tired opponent in the final moments of the round.

The second round opened with Rountree seemingly having gained a second wind as the fighter began to once again pick up the pace. Still, Oleksiejczuk started walking down his opponent and setting off well timed jabs.

Halfway through the second round, the fight’s pace once again began to slow. Rountree began to fight flat on his feet, as Oleksiejczuk continued to set the pace. Still, neither fighter appeared to be backing down from their opponent’s strikes.

The two MMA warriors met in the center of the octagon for an intense exchange with just a minute left on the clock. But, neither fighter was able to take out their opponent before the end of the round.

Oleksiejczuk opened the final round of the fight with a jab, but was met with a furious combination from Rountree. Oleksiejczuk quickly changed levels and slammed his opponent into the canvas.

Rountree pulled his opponent into his full guard, but still suffered some brutal ground and pound from Oleksiejczuk. Oleksiejczuk managed to take side control over his opponent, but Rountree worked har to control Oleksiejczuk’s hands to prevent taking any more damage.

In the final moments of the match, Oleksiejczuk pummeled Rountree’s face against the fence. This one has gone the distance.

UFC Results: Michael Oleksiejczuk def. Khalil Rountree via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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