In Ring Brawl Ensues When Bob Sapp Charges And Stockton Slaps Mike Tyson

Fresh off a Bob Sapp kickboxing win, “Iron” Mike Tyson entered the ring and he got more than he bargained for when Sapp rushed him and Stockton slapped him.

Tyson was able to remain cool though, but it took an army of men to hold Bob Sapp back.

Sapp is expected to return to action on New Years Eve against a wild bear In typical Sapp fashion, we expect more classic moments to start surfacing during the lead up to this bizarre contest.

If you’re just now hearing about the Sapp vs. a Bear event, allow us to enlighten you with the flier and promo trailer. Because, it’s real, and it’s going down in just a little over a week.

Check it out:

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