Charles Oliveira Taps Out Due to Strikes in Detroit | UFC Results

Detroit, Michigan is hosting an exciting night of fights tonight, Dec. 2, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is inside the Little Caesars Arena for UFC 218. With the fight card now underway, it’s time to take a look at the UFC results.

Tonight’s main event will be a title fight rematch between UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and former title holder Jose Aldo. Competing on tonight’s FS1 preliminary card, MMA warriors Charles Oliveira and Paul Felder are facing off for the Detroit crowd.

Oliveira opened up the first round with a couple of good shots. The fighter landed a strong leg kick, following it up with a takedown of Felder. Felder quickly made it back to his feet, but Oliveira got his opponent back to the canvas.

Oliveira worked hard for the submission, but Felder refused to tap. The fighter eventually gave up on the strike and Felder made his way back to his feet.

Felder quickly dropped down on his opponent and was pulled into his opponent’s full guard. Felder then dropped down some brutal strikes over his opponent before the ring of the round ending bell.

Oliveira did not appeared gassed in the opening moments of the second round, as the fighter quickly rushed Felder into the fence.

Felder managed to reverse the position and dropped Oliveira to the mat. The fighter was then pulled into Oliveira’s full guard, from which Felder stuck his opponent with some brutal ground and pound.

Felder decided to return to his feet, but Oliveira managed to pull the fighter back to the canvas.

From Oliveira’s full guard, Felder landed some bombs over his opponent but Oliveira quickly pulled the fighter into his closed guard. Still, it didn’t matter. Felder managed to rain down some more strikes, brigning an end to the match up as Oliveira tapped to the strikes.

UFC Results: Paul Felder def. Charles Oliveira via tapout to strikes in round two

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