Max Holloway Repeats History, Brutally Finishes Jose Aldo In Round 3 | UFC Results

The time has finally come. UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway is set to defend his title from former title holder and former opponent Jose Aldo. The mixed martial artists are throwing down inside the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan tonight, Dec. 2, for the main event of UFC 218. As the fighters go toe-to-toe for division dominance, the time has come to check out the UFC results for tonight’s headliner.

Holloway and “Scarface” first faced off at UFC 212. Holloway unified his interim title with a stunning TKO finish over Aldo. The fighter was then set to face Frankie Edgar in tonight’s headliner. However, Edgar has since been pulled from the match up due to an injury. As a result, Aldo has stepped up on short notice to face off for the title once more.

The night’s main event opened up with a touch of the gloves, as Holloway then began setting the pace. Aldo was on his back foot in the opening moments of the fight, as the fighter was taking his time to gauge the range and rhythm of his opponent.

The two fighters then entered an exchange, with Holloway landing a strong right hand. With two minutes having passed in the fight, neither fighter had yet landed any serious damage to their opponent.

Aldo began unloading powerful strikes, as Holloway remained composed and countered his opponent. Holloway then began taunting the former champion and dodging the fighter’s strikes.

Aldo retaliated with a big right hand, but the champion did not appear to be damaged from the strike. With a minute left in the first round, Holloway began establishing a jab. The strike was quickly followed by a head kick, but the strike was blocked by Aldo. The former champion struck Holloway with a big right hand just before the sound of the bell.

The second round kicked off with Holloway continuing to set the pace, as the fighter walked down Aldo and began landing more of his jabs. Still, Aldo remained active and managed to step away from many of the champion’s strikes.

Aldo began to find his range, as the fighter started striking Holloway with some well timed jabs of his own. Aldo then stung the champion with a series of powerful leg kicks. The strikes largely went unchallenged by Holloway.

Aldo suffered a cut under his right eye that was beginning to bleed, but the fighter’s vision did not appear to be hindered.

The two fighters then entered a brutal exchange in the final moments of the second round, as each fighter was looking to earn the round.

The third round started off with Aldo pressuring the champion with some more vicious leg kicks. Holloway had yet to counter the powerful strikes, but later earned a strong right hand over Aldo.

Holloway began taunting the fighter once again, as the two fighters began trading shots in a brutal exchange. Holloway pressured Aldo into the fence, but Aldo refused to back down and made his way back to the center of the octagon.

Holloway and the former champion entered another huge slug fest with two minutes left in the round. Holloway began dropping heavy body shots on his opponent, but Aldo continued to trade shots with the fighter.

Aldo’s cut began to open up as Holloway continued to pour on the punches. The former champion then took the fighter down in the final minute of the fight, but Holloway manged to take the back of his opponent.

The fighter was desperately trying to survive in the final moments of the round, but the referee stepped in and put an end to the contest. Max Holloway is the reigning and defending UFC featherweight champion.

UFC Results: Max Holloway def. Jose Aldo via TKO in round three

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