Tecia Torres Dominant In UFC 218 PPV Opener Against Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson | UFC Results

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in Detroit, Michigan today, Dec. 2, for UFC 218. This time around, the mixed martial arts promotion has a title fight rematch set for the night’s pay-per-view main event. With the night of fights now underway, it’s time to take a look at the UFC results.

In the main event, UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway will be going head-to-head with Jose Aldo for a highly anticipated rematch. Grant it, the UFC has collected a series of exciting fights for tonight’s event.

Kicking off the night’s pay-per-view main card, strawweight competitors Tecia Torres and Michelle Waterson will be facing off for division dominance.

Waterson opened up the round at a rapid pace, setting off a lengthy combination on her opponent. The fighter quickly took Torres to the ground, but Torres made it back to her feet before taking any damage.

“The Tiny Tornado” then began to pour on the pressure once she returned to the center of the octagon.

The two MMA warriors then entered a brutal brawl, with each fighter landing punches and kicks that sent the crowd into a roar. Torres initiated a Muay Thai clinch and pelted her opponent with a few knees to the body, before Waterson managed to escape the position.

Torres then pressured her opponent into the fence, once again initiating the clinch. Waterson then caught “The Tiny Tornado” as she slipped out of the position. Still, Torres continued to set the pace as the fighter pushed her opponent against the fence once more.

Waterson attempted to land a side kick on Torres, but the fighter was unable to keep Torres away. The fight ended with big shots from “The Tiny Tornado.”

The second round kicked off with Torres still looking fresh, as the fighter pressed on at a heavy pace. Waterson retaliated with a nice knee to the head of her opponent, sending Torres momentarily on her back foot. Waterson then began trying to establish her jab over “The Tony Tornado,” before taking the fighter down.

Torres quickly pulled Waterson into her full guard, but Waterson made her way to half guard. Torres gained wrist control over Waterson and began setting up a submission attempt, but was unable to complete the attempt.

Waterson found herself back into full guard, having not capitalized on her position with much damaging ground and pound. Still, Torres was unable to escape the fighter’s dominant position.

Torres tried to switch to an armbar, but Waterson was able to defend the position. Torres used the moment to make it to her feet just before the end of the round.

The final round opened with Torres landing a quick punch combination and following up with a front kick. Waterson still looked fresh and began dictating the pace of the fight with a higher frequency of strikes.

Torres managed to pressure her opponent into the fence, but Waterson slipped away from the fighter’s grasp and made her way back to the center of the octagon.

Torres clipped her opponent with a strong right hand, but Waterson continued to pressure her with full force. The two MMA warriors entered a short brawl, before Torres dropped her opponent. Pursuing Waterson, Torres managed to get the back of her opponent and completely flatten her against the mat.

Torres began raining down a series of powerful strikes on her opponent from Waterson’s back, but the fighter managed to reverse the situation and end the fight on her feet.

UFC Results: Tecia Torres def. Michelle Waterson via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

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