Alvarez Ends The Hype, Brutally Knocks Out Gaethje In Detroit | UFC Results

Fight fans are inside the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan tonight, Dec. 2, for UFC 218. The exciting fight night has a collection of big match ups on the night’s card. The main event is set to see UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway go toe-to-toe with former title holder Jose Aldo in a title fight rematch. With the fight night now underway, the time has come to take a look at the UFC results.

Also on the night’s pay-per-view main card, The Ultimate Fighter 26 coaches Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje are throwing down after a full season of trash-talking and competition on the TUF set.

The fight opened up with a touch of the gloves, followed by Gaethje striking Alvarez with a powerful leg kick. Alvarez landed an uppercut, but Gaethje did not appear affected by the blow.

Alvarez landed a leg kick of his own and right hand to the head of his opponent. Gaethje struck the fighter with a big body
shot, but Alvarez continued to press forward.

Alvarez then took another leg kick from his opponent, putting the fighter on his back foot. Gaethje then began to control the pace of the fight, as the fighter walked down the former champion.

Alvarez then managed to catch a leg kick from Gaethje, but was unable to capitalize on the moment. Gaethje slipped out of his opponent’s grasp and returned to the center of the octagon. Alvarez was seemingly getting the timing of Gaethje, as the fighter caught another leg lick from his opponent.

Alvarez began to push forward with shots to the body of Gaethje, but Gaethje retaliated with a combination of his own.

Alvarez’s head movement kept the fighter out of trouble for the final moments of the fight, but Gaethje countered with a takedown at the bell.

Alvarez opened up round two with a leg kick of his own, but Gaethje came back with a right hand. Alvarez appeared relaxed trading shots with his opponent, but Gaethje began establishing a powerful jab that seem to affect Alvarez.

Gaethje’s face appeared bloodied by Alvarez’s brutal uppercuts, but continued to trade shots with the former champion. Gaethje slapped Alvarez with a powerful right hand that put Alvarez momentarily on his back foot.

Alvarez appeared to be the busier fighter, as the former champion still showed great head movement and footwork in the round. The fighter then injured Gaethje with a body shot, but Gaethje managed to survive and continue trading with the former champion.

Gaethje appeared to be gassed in the closing minute of the round, as the fighter began to take a pummeling from his opponent. Still, Gaethje pressed forward before being dropped by Alvarez in the final moments of the round.

Alvarez kicked off the final round with a vengeance, with the fighter’s cardio seemingly not phased from the former two rounds of war. Gaethje, while seeming tired, continued to pummel the former champion with brutal leg kicks.

Alvarez switched to southpaw, seemingly injured from the series of kicks to the leg. However, the fighter eventually switched back and continued trading with Gaethje. Alvarez eventually got the back of his opponent, but was unable to capitalize on the position.

Back on their feet, both fighters appeared to be gassed with only two minutes left in the fight. That being said, neither fighter backed down from the brawl as the two warriors continued to trade in a bloody war.

Alvarez tried to take his opponent to the ground, but could not get Gaethje to the canvas. Alvarez then landed a knee to the head of his opponent, knockout Gaethje out and sending him to the mat.

UFC Results: Eddie Alvarez def. Justin Gaethje via knockout in round three

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