Extended HD Video Of Cyborg’s Coach Slapping The Sh*t Out Of Her Is Now Released

Cris Cyborg rounded out 2017 as the UFC’s last official event headliner of the year, UFC 219. She won a highly contested bout against former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm, but this video clip is probably more viral than the fight itself.

Cris Cyborg makes a successful title defense against Holly Holm at UFC 219.

In it (replay above), you can see Cris Cyborg getting slapped in the face by hear boxing coach Jason Parillo, about as hard as a man can slap a woman.

This is likely one of the rare and only times you can see a man hit a woman in the face, and not want to call the cops.

Cris Cyborg landing hard shots on Holly Holm at UFC 219.

The slap is so loud, that it sounds like a baseball bat hitting a concrete wall.

And after it, Cyborg and her coach laugh it off, as they both seem surprised at the force delivered.

This little gem of a clip comes prior to Cyborg’s UFC 219 main event against Holly Holm, as her coach was getting her hyped and ready to go defend her belt.

Holly Holm had more success than any other previous opponent of Cris Cyborg.

She ended up winning the bout on all judges scorecards, and this slap is likely the hardest shot she took all night.

Here’s Cyborg’s original post:

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