Rafael dos Anjos Reacts To Beating A Badly Injured Robbie Lawler

Rafael dos Anjos defeats Robbie Lawler at UFC on Fox 26.

Many people thought that former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler was injured in his UFC on Fox 26 main event against Rafael dos Anjos, but no on knew for sure. Now, thanks to a Dana White reveal, former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos has some thoughts on his latest opponents health.

UFC president Dana White announced in a new interview with Yahoo Sports that Lawler did indeed have some pretty bad injuries in the fight, stating, “The guy’s leg was destroyed. Blew his ACL and meniscus and every other thing that’s in your knee out in like the third round. Wobbled over to the fence, laid against it and asked dos Anjos to come in so they could just bang it out. Robbie Lawler went to the fifth round.”

Now Rafael dos Anjos has taken to Twitter to react to the news.

Check it out:

Lawler went on to lose the fight to dos Anjos, as he was clearly outstruck during their main event in Winnipeg.

With injuries like these it may be awhile before Robbie Lawler is able to return to action, if he returns this year at all.

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