For The First Time Ever, Nick Diaz Rocks Official UFC Reebok Gear, And That Might Mean A Deal Is Done

As recently as last month, speculation of a Nick Diaz return to the UFC was on the rise.

UFC President Dana White started off by saying that he believed at least one Diaz brother would return to action in 2018.

The UFC’s head of USADA, Jeff Novitzky told Joe Rogan on the JRE that he was currently working with Nick to lift his suspension, as he believed the Stockton star wanted to return to fighting.

And even Nick Diaz took to his Instagram with a video of himself at the UFC Performance Institute and hinted that he was working on a comeback.

Now, in several new posts, Nick Diaz, for the first time ever, is rocking the official UFC fighter Reebok Fight kit.

And while he could just be short on clean represent gear, something tells us there’s more to it.

Check it out: