He’s Back! Machida Survives Blood Bath To Win First Fight In Three Years | UFC Results

Well, the time has finally come. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida is facing off against Eryk Anders in a middleweight war for division dominance. Here is a look at the UFC results.

UFC Fight Night 125 is taking place tonight in Belem, Brazil. Headlining the card, Machida will be looking to pull himself out of a three fight losing streak as he faced off against Anders for the Belem crowd.

The main event opened at a methodical pace, as each fighter was looking to measure their opponent’s reach and power. Machida managed to trip Anders to the canvas with a leg kick.

However, Anders’ upkicks kept Machida at bay long enough for the fighter to make it back to his feet. The fighter’s remained hesitant until the final moments of the round, leaving it as a dominant round for Machida.

Machida slammed Anders with a body kick early in round two, but Anders retaliated with a strong right hand that sent Machida into the fence.

Machida managed to escape the position and return to the center of the octagon. With just under three minutes left in the round, the fight’s pace began to slow.

Anders landed a punch combination, but Machida quickly recovered from the blows. With a minute left in the round, Machida struck Anders with another strong leg kick. But, Anders continued to press forward.

In the final moments of the round, Anders landed a big right on Machida but failed to capitalize on the strike before the sound of the bell.

Anders opened up the third round with a takedown attempt. Machida managed to get to his feet, but suffered a brutal knee to the face from his opponent. A cut began to bleed profusely on Machida’s face after the blow was struck.

With two minutes left in the round, the two mixed martial arts warriors continued to exchange from the feet. Neither fighter appeared determined to enter an all out brawl, as both competitors continued to pace themselves.

Anders then stunned Machida with another big right hand, pressuring the fighter in the fence. However, Machida was able to escape the position just before the sound of the bell.

Machida kicked off the fourth round with a vengeance. The fighter landed a strong knee to Anders, before sticking the fighter with another body kick.

However, Anders began to pour on the pressure by throwing powerful bombs at the former UFC light heavyweight champion. Anders managed to knock Machida down in the final half of the round, but Machida quickly got back to his feet.

Anders went in for a takedown attempt, but Machida stuffed the attempt. It was seemingly a dominant round for Anders.

The final round fired off at a slower pace. Both fighters appeared somewhat gassed from their four round war inside the octagon. Still, Machida began stinging Anders with some strong body kicks.

Anders continued to press the pace and walk down his opponent, as Machida countered the fighter’s strikes. With two minutes left in the round, Anders pressured Machida into the fence.

However, the former champion escaped the position and returned to the center of the octagon. Anders retaliated with a takedown in the final moments of the round, with Machida making to his feet and entering a last exchange with the mixed martial arts warrior.

UFC Results: Lyoto Machida def. Eryk Anders via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46)

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