Schaub Issues Public Apology For Racial Comments About UFC on FOX Crew

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub recently made a comment concerning the UFC on FOX crew for UFC Fight Night 125 that has since drawn some controversy. Now the former fighter has come forward with an apology for the statement.

Yves Edwards, Karyn Bryant and Tyron Woodley were featured on the post-fight show for UFC on FOX, offering their thoughts on the events of UFC Fight Night 125. Brendan Schaub would go on to offer some controversial comments on the matter.

As seen in the video above, Schaub stated:

“Sometimes you are looking at UFC tonight and you’re like ‘Is that the best panel possible or are you just trying to check off the boxes?’ We get it, UFC Tonight on FOX. You’re not racist. We get it. You have an all black panel.

“Are those the best brains and speakers for the art, to the general audience?”

Yves Edwards would go on to call out Schaub for the statement. Over Twitter, the former fighter stated:

“Yo @BrendanSchaub what’s this bulls**t you running your mouth about?”

Responding to the message, Schaub stated:

“Meant zero disrespect to you. I spent 30 mins praising Daniel Cormier and said he’s the best in the world besides Rogan.

“Kevin Lee and I were discussing black fighters & entertainment. Bad job on my part. That’s on me. I love you guys. Watch all of the shows. My bad. I’m sorry.”

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