UFC Fighters React To Valentina’s Insanely Dominant And Record Breaking UFC Brazil Win

Belem, Brazil hosted an intense night of fights on Saturday, Feb. 3. The world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion was in town for UFC Fight Night 125. The exciting fight card featured a series of entertaining match ups. However, Valentina Shevchenko’s record breaking co-main event victory is what has many fighters talking.

Shevchenko made her flyweight debut in a match up against Priscila Cachoeira. Cachoeira faced off against the former UFC bantamweight title challenger for her first ever octagon performance.

Shevchenko put on a dominant display over Cachoeira, pummeling the fighter with bloodying ground and pound before sinking in a submission victory in the second round. It would later be revealed that Shevchenko scored a record setting striking statistic of 217-1 for her performance.

Now UFC fighters have decided to offer their thoughts on the record breaking fight. Check out what many competitors had to say in the Twitter posts below:

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