Woodley Ready To ‘Punch Dana White In The Face’ For Calling Him A Liar

Earlier this week, UFC President Dana White came out and said his welterweight champion Tyron Woodley “full of shit”, after Woodley claimed to have been offered a fight against Nate Diaz.

Notably, Nate Diaz said the same thing, that the UFC had offered him a fight against Woodley.

Still though, Dana White hit FOX Sports 1 and stated, “That fight was never made, you couldn’t be more wrong, he couldn’t be more full of sh*t, and it’s absolutely not true,” White said on UFC on FOX. “It’s so not true that our lawyer hit him up today and said he needs to stop saying these kind of things, because it’s absolutely not true.”

Now Tyron Woodley has offered the following response:

“I don’t want people to think that I’m full of shit, as my boss said. And that I’m making this sh*t up. That a fight with me and Nate was never talked about in December and has never been brought up since then — that is bullshit. It has. Did I get a contract to fight Nate? No, I did not. So, if I’m not thinking about the highest prize as a prizefighter, I am a complete idiot. I should suicide slap myself.

“I’m entitled to think whatever the hell I want to think. I didn’t say, ‘Hey, the UFC has a bout agreement, we’re in the process of negotiations, Dana White called me and offered me the fight.’ So everyone took that and they ran through the roof with their perception of what that meant.”

“Let’s punch Dana White in the face. I know so many fighters on the UFC roster may have been wanting to do this for a long time. You gotta get these hands. Can’t hide behind the black suit and the promotion anymore. You gotta get this right hand.”