Floyd Mayweather Set For Trial Over Domestic Abuse Case

50-0 retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. is set to go to trial over his alleged assault of his ex-fiance.

A Los Angeles superior court judged ordered the case be moved to trial phase on Tuesday.

“I’d like to set this for trial. I understand it’s complicated,” Judge Monica Bachner said with a hint of impatience at a hearing in Los Angeles.

The ex-fiance is suing Floyd for an alleged physical assault. Floyd himself is countersuing for alleged theft.

The NYDailyNews.com has more:

Floyd Mayweather and his ex-fiancée Shantel Jackson inched closer to the main event Tuesday in their dueling lawsuits claiming physical abuse and theft.

When Mayweather’s lawyer asked to reconvene in June and agree on a date then, the judge ordered them back in April to finally put jury selection on the calendar.

Jackson filed her original lawsuit in September 2014, claiming the undefeated boxer twisted her arm, choked her during an argument and once pointed a gun at her foot while asking, “Which toe do you want me to shoot?”

She said he further harmed her by posting a private sonogram photo on Facebook and publicly accusing her of aborting their twins.

Years of wrangling ensued, and an appeals court ultimately tossed Jackson’s defamation and false light claims — but said she could proceed with her invasion of privacy claim related to publication of her sonogram pic and medical report.

She’s also still pursuing the assault and battery claims.

Mayweather, meanwhile, filed a cross-complaint Nov. 27 claiming Jackson stole “large sums of cash” from him during their eight-year romantic relationship.