Miesha Tate Continues Mean Tweet Spree, This Time She Tells Off Fight Fans

UFC superstars Miesha Tate and Jon Jones have been going at it over social media as of late. That being said, the former women’s UFC bantamweight champion has now snapped back at a fight fan.

Former UFC light heavyweight title holder Jon Jones has had a controversial career in the sport of mixed martial arts. The fighter has had multiple run ins with the law, as well as failed multiple drug tests. Jones has been stripped of his UFC title a record setting three times.

Most recently, Jones had his CSAC hearing for his failed drug test from UFC 214. The former champion was fined the maximum total of $200,000 and has had his fighting license revoked.

Miesha Tate and Jon Jones soon entered a war over Twitter concerning the matter. Now Tate has decided to fire back at a fight fan that decided to enter the conversation.

Tate first fired back at Jon Jones for allegedly implying that the fighter is a quitter, as Tate hung up her gloves after going on a two fight losing streak in 2016.

“@jonnybones u make things tougher 4 urself, I hope u can figure it out this time but I’m not holding my breath. Supported u plenty in the past & if ur implying I’m a quitter that’s pretty low. There’s a time when all of us have to stop & Happy I walked away with a clean slate”

One fight fan reacted with the following response:

“She has 2 bad fights and instantly retires at the first bump in the road. If thats not quitting I don’t know what is.”

Reacting to the fan’s message, Miesha Tate offered a heated message of her own.

“FIRST bump in the road obviously you didn’t follow my fight career. Probably the most ignorant comment I’ve heard in a long time.”

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