Floyd Mayweather Disappointed With Conor McGregor’s Recent Behavior

UFC superstar Conor McGregor is facing three misdemeanor charges of assault and a single felony charge of criminal mischief following an incident at the Barclays Center on Thursday, April 5. Now undefeated boxing legend and former opponent to “Notorious,” Floyd Mayweather Jr. has provided a response to the situation.

Conor McGregor and a large group of the fighter’s entourage appeared backtage at the Barclays Center on Thursday and allegedly attacked a bus filled with UFC fighters set to compete at UFC 223. Multiple fighters were injured in the attack, leading to Michael Chies and Ray Borg being pulled from their fights within the event.

Speaking on the Showtime broadcast of Lara vs. Hurd, Mayweather spoke with reporter Jim Gray and first offered his thoughts on retirement.

“Retirement has been great, but as you know and everyone knows, I go in retirement, and I come back. It is possible I do come back, but if I do come back, it has to be in the octagon.”

“Al Haymon says no. I spoke with Showtime, (and) I spoke with CBS. If I do come back, Showtime and CBS has to be involved.”

“Money” Mayweather then offered his opinion on McGregor’s recent incident.

“I feel that when you have reached such high status, you have to carry yourself in a classy way. Outside the ring, you have to carry yourself as a gentleman.”

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