Here’s Mike Perry’s Advice To Darren Till On How To Beat Tyron Woodley

Undefeated UFC welterweight contender Darren Till is now set to challenge reigning champion Tyron Woodley for his title. With that in mind, fellow division contender Mike Perry has now decided to come forward with a few tips for the undefeated challenger.

Darren Till and Mike Perry have been making headlines as of late for sparring together. Speaking on the Submission Radio podcast, Mike Perry revealed that he gave Darren Till some advice for the upcoming title fight.

“I did man [give him some tips] because, I mean, just the way that I see it, with fighting against a shorter fighter, Darren stands rather tall and I said I think he needs to get down and bend his knees.”

“He needs to get his eyes on the same level as ‘T-Woodley’s’ I mean he’s got a good turn away from the takedown and the shot, but you know, [I said] ‘I’m not trying to give you advice because you’re the one fighting the champ, but the way that I think I see it, I think maybe you could do this some more; bend your knees some more and get lower sometimes.

“I know you’re going to do what you do and fight confidently and I’m sure T-Woodley will do too. Who really knows!? Who knows. I just hope those boys make that weight so they can fight for that damn thing.”

Darren Till and Tyron Woodley will fight in the main event of UFC 228 on Sept. 8. The event will take place live on pay-per-view in Dallas, Texas.

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