Jon Jones Believes He’ll Be Cleared To Fight In Time For UFC 230

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is still waiting for USADA to provide a verdict concerning his latest failed drug test. Despite that fact, Bellator heavyweight and former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen believes that Jon Jones is now anticipating an octagon return at UFC 230 later this year.

Jon Jones made his big octagon return last year at UFC 214 after coming off of a year-long suspension from a failed drug test at UFC 200. Well, “Bones” Jones failed his drug test for UFC 214.

Consequently, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) fined Jon Jones $205,000 and revoked his fighting license. Jon Jones can reapply for a fighting license one year after it was revoked, which occurred in Aug. 2017.

That being said, Jon Jones has yet to receive a verdict from the United States Anti_Doping Agency (USADA). As this is not Jones’ first failed drug test, the former UFC title holder could potentially face a multi-year suspension from the octagon.

That being said, Jon Jones has recently begun sharing training footage with the world over social media. The former UFC champion has even revealed that he supposedly never left the USADA testing pool during the entire process.

“One shot one kill”

“Glad you enjoyed the few seconds of training footage I shared the other day. Just wanted to let everyone know, I never left the testing pool, not even for a day.”

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Chael Sonnen has come forward with a theory concerning the matter. Sonnen believes that Jon Jones does not train unless he has a fight coming up.

As Jon Jones has been posting training footage, Sonnen believes the former champion will be fighting later this year. The Bellator heavyweight then predicted that Jones will fight in the main event of UFC 230.

UFC 230 goes down Nov. 3 inside Madison Square Garden in New York. The event will be featured live on pay-per-view.

“If we are to believe that he is going to be out until summer of next year, which is the minimum that he would be out by the rules that have been explained to us. If we were to believe that, you would have to ask yourself ‘why is he training and putting out videos, and having coaches confirm that he is working now in August?’”

“It just does appear that Jon at least believes that he is about to be cleared and put onto that November card.”

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