Nate Diaz Just Checked RDA Hard, But Dos Anjos Blasts Back Without Hesitation

UFC super star Nate Diaz and former UFC champion Rafael dos Anjos have a history.

They fought once, RDA being the victor, and down the road Nate replaced an injured RDA and kicked off his rivalry with Conor McGregor in the process.

The rest is history, as they say. But, neither man has forgot about the roles they’ve played in each other’s careers, and that just spilled out on twitter.

It all started with this Nate Diaz tweet, that Rafael dos Anjos unexpectedly decided to Mock.

I’m not fighting on that show fuk the @ ufc

And here’s the drama:

I’m not fighting in Argentina too, F ufc

U mocking me? How much u get paid? Jokes on u

I was not mocking U, just making a joke. Do not forget to make your money with my bad luck and also do not forget what I did to you