Derrick Lewis Fires Back After D.C. Brings Up His Criminal Past | UFC News

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis was placed on probation for aggravated assault just weeks after graduating high school. Years later, Lewis violated his probation and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Lewis ultimately served three and a half years in prison before being released. The fighter went on to start a career in mixed martial arts shortly after leaving prison.

UFC News

Now Derrick Lewis is set to face off against two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight title. The fight will headline UFC 230, live on pay-per-view, within Madison Square Garden in New York.

Daniel Cormier has brought up Derrick Lewis’ criminal past multiple times in interviews leading up to the fight. Speaking to media in a recent interview, Derrick Lewis has now come forward with a response.

“He don’t know anything about me.” Lewis said. “He thinks he does, but he doesn’t.”

“I do carry that into every fight I’ve ever been in.” Lewis later added, speaking on his time in prison. “That’s what really gets me going is my past. I think about all of the tough times and the bad times I’ve had in my life and bring all of that into the octagon.”

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