“The Magician” Makes Wineland’s Win-Streak Disappear In Nashville

John Dodson and Eddie Wineland met in the octagon at “UFC Fight Night 108” to get one step closer to a shot at Cody “No Love” Garbrandt’s bantamweight championship.

The two met in the middle of the octagon and while the feeling out process was a lengthy one, both men threw enough strikes to keep the crowd alive and awake. Dodson was the first to land in the form of a counter, cracking Wineland with a quick right hand. Neither fighter found a comfortable striking distance which led to an uneventful opening round.

Wineland picked up the speed in the second round, but the aggression opened more holes in his defense which Dodson gladly exploited with counter-punches. It didn’t take long for the pep to be taken out of Wineland’s step, and Dodson went right back to picking Wineland apart at the same pace he did in the first.

This time, however, the shots were harder and Wineland was sporting some discoloration on his jaw and nose from the repeated jabs. Dodson cracked Wineland in the forehead with a big headkick, but Wineland caught the leg and threw him away which allowed him to catch his bearings, leading to another lull in action where the round ended.

Wineland’s corner insisted he change his angle in between the second and third rounds. He tried to implement that gameplan, but Dodson’s height made it easier for him to simply fire back from different angles himself which caught Wineland off guard.

John Dodson def. Eddie Wineland by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)