Woman Still Insists She Married Nick Diaz, Posts Wedding Ring And Pic Of Nick Sleeping In Her Bed

This woman says she's married UFC star Nick Diaz

Yesterday we stumbled accross a woman’s video, claiming she just got married to UFC mega-star Nick Diaz, in Las Vegas.

If Nick Diaz did indeed get married, it surely would be news, and we’d congratulate him for tying the knot. However, this seems a little more like stalker-chick, than a wife.

Now, the unidentified woman is continuing her, ‘I’m Nick Diaz’s wife’ campaign, posting up a photo of her wedding ring and a photo of Nick Diaz sleeping in her bed.

However, if Diaz really got married we’d likely know, and there’d be no nee for speculation. But, this woman makes it pretty clear that she’s trying to garner a little bit of fame off of the UFC superstar’s name.

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We have no idea how she was able to get a photo of a passed out Diaz in her bed, but she’s got one.

Here’s all her media we’ve been able to scrounge up.

Check out her Instagram posts below:


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