Photo: Heather Hardy’s Busted Up Face, Three Days After Bellator Loss

Undefeated female boxing champion Heather Hardy, in only her second ever professional MMA bout, was featured on Friday night’s Bellator 185 main card, on Spike TV.

With a ton of hype on her back and a fighter making her pro-debut on the opposite side of the cage, all eyes were on Hardy as she was expected to use her world-class boxing skills to dominate the fight.

What happened though, was exactly the opposite, and the loss was shown all over her face.

After the bout, Hardy took to her instagram with her reaction to the bout. Stated, “I’m sorry I let everyone down. I gave it my all out there, and I truly hope it showed. I’d rather lose then give y’all a boring fight because I appreciate every one of you… sponsors, coaches, friends, family and fans… and the worst part was knowing I couldn’t get the job done for all of you.

“Congrats to a game Kristina Williams, who had an answer for everything I tried. OSU! . And incase everyone is wondering, YES, I will be back. Nothing will ever take the fight out of me, not even this broken nose. I knew coming into this new world I was taking a big risk, and this is all part of my journey. . You’ve all heard how resilient I am. Now watch me bounce back.”

Now, three days removed from her crushing defeat, Heather Hardy reveals the healing progress of her battle scars.

Check it out: