“Platinum” Mike Perry And Mariah Carey Respond To Strangest Callout In UFC History, Win Today’s Internet

UFC welterweight Emil Meek made a successful octagon debut last year when he earned a unanimous decision win over Jordan Mein. Now Meek has decided to go to social media to call out rising knockout artist Mike Perry. While Meek’s call out was pretty unorthodox, the message seems to have gotten the attention of “Platinum” Perry, as the fighter has offered a hilarious response.

Mike “Platinum” Perry is currently riding a two fight winning streak, having suffered the only loss on his career to Alan Jouban at UFC on FOX 22. Since the loss, Perry has put two more knockout victories under his belt, with a vicious finish over Alex Reyes and a stunning stoppage over Jake Ellenberger.

Taking to Twitter, Emil Meek decided to take a different approach to his call out. In the video below, Meek can be seen zooming the camera as much as possible on his face, while whispering his call out to “Platinum” Perry.

Responding to the message, Mike Perry decided to offer a video of his own. Going to Twitter, Mike Perry simply replied with a music video of Mariah Carey’s hit song “Obsessed.”

Here are some of the lyrics to the hit single:

I was like, why you so obsessed with me?

So, oh, oh oh oh
So, oh, oh oh oh
Will the real M-C please step to the mic?
M-C you need an M-C, place to be
M-C the M-C

All up in the blogs, sayin’ we met at the bar
When I don’t even, know who you are
Sayin’ we up in your house, sayin’ I’m up in your car
But you in LA, and I’m out at Jermaine’s
I’m up in the A, you’re so so lame
And no one here, even mentions your name
It must be the weed, it must be the E
Heard you get it poppin’, you get it poppin’

Ah oh
Why you so obsessed with me?
Boy I want to know, lyin’ that you’re sexing me
When everybody knows, it’s clear that you’re upset with me
Ohh, finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress
Last man on the earth, still couldn’t get this