Weekend RIZIN Wardrobe Malfunction Leads To Embarrassing Bare All Incident For Female Fighter

First Japan had PRIDE FC, then fans of Japanese MMA enjoyed a few memorable years of the DREAM era… Now Japanese MMA is all about RIZIN FC.

Over the weekend RIZIN returned to action with an electric card filled with up-and-comers and legends of old.

Sakuraba did a match against Frank Shamrock and Jerome Le Banner got tapped out, just to name a couple.

Also on the card was this female fight between Miyuu Yamamoto and Irene Rivera. During the bout Miyuu’s top came off during a momentary grappling exchange.

The internet of course latched on, and made this clip go viral. The replay in HD is in the player above, but for those who lack the patience of a full-fight, we have just the clip in question below.

Check it out:

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