Conor McGregor Breaks His Silence On Assaulting That “Rat” Referee Marc Goddard

UFC superstar first made headlines with veteran referee Marc Godddard back when the fighter’s SBG Ireland teammate Artem Lobov faced off against Andre Fili. “Notorious” was not an official cornerman for the fighter. Rather, McGregor cheered on his teammate from a cage side seat. During the fight, McGregor left his seat on multiple occasions to approach the cage and shout at Lobov. Goddard warned the UFC lightweight champion on multiple occasions to return to his seat.

Most recently, Conor McGregor was involved in an altercation at Bellator 187.

During the event SBG Ireland’s Charlie Ward earned a swift first round TKO finish over his opponent. Directly after the finish McGregor stormed the cage, had an altercation with Marc Goddard, slapped a commissioner and tackled his teammate to congratulate the fighter. That being said, it would appear that “Notorious” is not quite done with the veteran referee.

As reported by MMA Mania, McGregor was caught on his way out of the Dublin, Ireland 3Arena at Bellator 187 by cameras. During the quick moment, McGregor said:

“I was trying to say, ‘keep going,’ It’s that same referee, I lost me head with him. I said, ‘it’s you, ya rat.”

Speaking on Ward’s fight, McGregor added “It was a beautiful shot. He’s out cold, they all knew he was out cold and he’s still trying to call it. ‘Oh no, he wasn’t the fight’s not over.’ I said, ‘it’s you, ya rat.’”