Woodley BLASTS Nate Diaz! ‘Don’t Be Scared Homie! I Signed … You’re Scared! Stop With The Excuses and Sign!’

It would appear as if the rumors of a Nate Diaz vs. Tyron Woodley are 100% true, because UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley just hit TMZ and broke the news.

According to the champion the UFC has officially offered both fighters a fight for the upcoming UFC 219 card.

Woodley also reveals that 50% of the fight is official, stating he’s done his part, and now Nate Diaz has nothing but excuses why he’s not signing the contract.

It’s a shocking revelation, as the infamous Diaz quote of “Don’t be scared Homie” has now been used against them.

Here’s Woodley’s call out: