Who Has The Better Resume? Holm vs. Cyborg Opponent Comparison … And It’ Not Even Close

UFC 219

Our cover photo on this article speaks volumes, right? On one side it’s images of the world’s best female fighters, and on the other side it’s some chicks you’ve never heard of. This is a look at the resume’s of Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg ahead of tonight’s UFC 219 main event, comparing their opponents throughout their career.

It’s remarkably obvious who has had the tougher road to the UFC 219 main event, as Holly Holm’s resume is a literal who’s who of top female talent. However, the same cannot be said for Cris Cyborg, who has spent a career of facing unranked opponents inside the cage.

Oddsmakers seem to have this fight figured out, putting Cris Cyborg as the heavy favorite to defeat Holly Holm. However, anyone can look dominant when they’re fighting smaller, unranked competition, and taking out fighters who are nowhere in the current MMA landscape.

Holm on the other hand, may have not beaten all her top ranked foes. That being said, the same can be said for Cris Cyborg, whose lone loss in recent years came in a Muay Thai fight a few years back

That’s right folks, despite Cyborg’ storied dominance, she’s only fought one #1 ranked female, and she got handily beaten by her.

The same however, cannot be said for Holly Holm. She not only has more fights than the UFC’s featherweight champion, but she boasts more world titles against stiffer competition.

We can debate a lot of things about this matchup, but on thing that is not debatable is who had the longer and tougher road getting to the UFC 219 main event.

We’ll let each fighter’ resume speak for itself.

First up, Holly Holm:

Now, Cris Cyborg’s resume:

So, while Cyborg’s reign of dominance is real and factual, her opponent list reads more like a “Where are they now” cast and not that of a world-class champion. However, the majority of Cyborg’s opponents had no real business fighting out of their natural division.


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