Covington Finally Messes With The Wrong Man, As Tim Kennedy Promises Pain For Star Wars Spoiler

UFC veteran war hero Tim Kennedy is one of the baddest men on the planet. Not only will he destroy the average man in straight up hand-to-hand combat, but he’s a decorated military sniper and can take you out from range too. Now, thanks To Colby Covington’s recent Star Wars movie spoiler, he’s finally messed with the wrong man, and Tim Kennedy is promising pain.

There’s not much Tim Kennedy can’t do, and not many a man he can’t make pay for whatever he feels like. So when Colby Covington basically ruined Christmas last night for the millions of Star Wars fans around the world, he went directly against Tim Kennedy’s wishes.

Kennedy, who is always ready for war, reinlisted into the military as a top 5 UFC middleweight. Opting to serve his country instead of entertain the masses. Kennedy is as well respected a UFC veteran as they come.

Here’s Kennedy’s message regarding the Star Wars spoiler, and just for the record we hope he gets his hands on Covington.

You mess up my #starwars you will feel pain. #sniper

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