Cris Cyborg Reacts To Magana’s Loss, Says She Owes Cooper Lunch After UFC 218 Thrashing

One of 2017’s most talked about UFC rivalries was between Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana. The two have continued to make headlines throughout the course of the year, making fans on the sidelines hungry for more. Last night as part of the UFC 218 preliminary card, Magana was soundly beaten by Amanda Cooper. And now, in an exclusive statement to, Cris Cyborg reacts to her rival’s loss, and praises Cooper for the impressive finish.

Unfortunately for Magana fans, the fighter was unable to get into any type of rhythm in the fight. Adding insult to injury, while getting pummeled, her entire breast was exposed on national television in one of the most revealing wardrobe malfunctions in UFC history.

If you’re on the Cris Cyborg bandwagon, it was great justice for a year of on-line bullying and torment, and not too many people feel bad for Angela this morning, including UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg.

The two came face-to-face at the UFC fighter retreat this year, and they made international headlines thanks to Cris Cyborg punching her in the face. No one felt bad for Magana then either.

Angela Magana was soundly finished in a one-sided beatdown from Amanda Bobby Cooper, and when the fight ended, we at mmaimports couldn’t wait to talk to the UFC’s top female about her thoughts on the fight.

In an exclusive statement, Cris Cyborg told, “I was glad to se ABC win the fight. She beat a true veteran journey woman from WMMA and looked impressive doing it! I owe her lunch sometime!”

Cyborg takes the high road in her reaction to the fight, but we know deep down, she’s happy to see her biggest antagonist get a small piece of humble pie. Magana recently as two days before her UFC 218 loss, hit her social media with a fake apology to Cris, and we don’t think it will be her last.

Still though, for the UFC’s top female, a little bit of fight night justice goes a long way.

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