Henry Cejudo Dominant In One-Sided Win Over Sergio Pettis | UFC Results

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in Detroit, Michigan tonight, Dec. 2, to put on a wonderful night of fights. The world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion is hosting UFC 218 inside the Little Caesars Arena for the Detroit crowd and for pay-per-view watchers worldwide. Now its time to take a look at the UFC results for tonight’s event.

The night’s headliner is a title fight rematch between UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and former title holder Jose Aldo. Of course, the mixed martial arts promotion has entire fight card of exciting match ups in store for fight fans.

Flyweights Henry Cejudo and Sergio Pettis are going toe-to-toe on tonight’s pay-per-view main card in an entertaining war for the Detroit crowd.

The fight kicked off at a slower pace, as the two fighters were measuring out each other’s reach. Cejudo opened things up with a furious exchange, but Pettis slipped in a left hand that stuck Cejudo.

Cejudo then managed to take his opponent to the ground and immediately gained side control over Pettis. Pettis managed to get the back of his opponent and deliver some brutal ground and pound. Pettis managed to almost get to his feet, but Cejudo quickly dragged the fighter back to the canvas.

Pettis managed to pull his opponent into his full guard and secure wrist control over Cejudo, but Cejudo broke the guard and struck Pettis with some powerful elbows.

It was seemingly a big round for the former Olympic medalist, as Cejudo managed to strike his opponent with some big shots before the bell.

Cejudo kicked off round two at a faster pace, as the fighter began walking down his opponent. Cejudo went for a single leg takedown, but was unable to get Pettis to the canvas. Moments later, Cejudo doubled down on his efforts and managed to get his opponent to the mat.

From Pettis’ full guard, Cejudo began raining down strikes on his opponent to stay busy but was unable to land any bombs on the fighter.

Pettis then gave up his back to Cejudo, from which the fighter returned to raining down ground and pound on his opponent. Pettis mage it back to his feet with 30 seconds left in the round, ending the final moments with an exchange from the standing position.

The final round opened up with Pettis pouring on the pressure over his opponent. Cejudo followed up on Pettis’ jabs with powerful right hands. However, neither fighter backed down from the exchange.

Within the first minute of the round, Cejudo managed to get his opponent to the canvas yet again. Pettis pulled the fighter into his full guard and tried to minimize Cejudo’s ground and pound.

Cejudo eventually made his way to side control, but was unable to get much done from the position. Pettis then gave his back to Cejudo with only two minutes left in the fight. Still, Pettis managed to make his way back to his feet and to the center of the octagon.

With one minute left in the fight, the two fighters began to trade jabs and slow their pace. This one went the distance.

UFC Results: Henry Cejudo def. Sergio Pettis via unanimous decision

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